Rental Car Insurance

At the best of times, most of us do not fully comprehend the ‘ins and outs’ of car insurance. When adding rental car insurance into the mix, it may seem like an added expense that you can avoid, or, should you be cautious and jump at the chance of making sure that you are fully covered in the event of a car accident?

Before leaving home on your next family vacation or business trip, it may be a wise decision to find out what your personal vehicle insurance and credit card cover. There are basically two types of insurance: Liability and Collision. Liability covers your personal injury and injury to others. Collision covers the actual vehicle damages.

Some credit cards cover you if you have an accident; however, not all of them provide the necessary coverage. As well, there may be insurance loop holes to look out for. It is easy to call your credit card company to request a copy of the insurance they provide for car rentals so that you can have it in hand when you go to rent your vehicle. When you receive your copy of the insurance and feel that you have a good grasp of the coverage and are secure with it, then use that credit card to cover your rental insurance.

A fee of between $10 and $15 per day is charged by most car rental companies. If you decline the optional insurance, many rental companies will then charge a substantial fee as a deposit to feel secure with the rental. The fee, which is charged to your credit card, can be as much as the value of the rental car itself. This can wreak havoc on your credit limit while traveling so make sure you have an additional card for use on the trip. Depending on your personal car insurance, you may be able to waive this fee when traveling, but again, check before you rent the car. In some cases, you will be okay, but often collision and comprehensive will cover only your rented vehicle.

If you make a trip to the rental car pick-up location, you may be able to get a much better deal than if you called the toll-free number. Many times the cost of rental and rental car insurance depends on other things such as the season, travel distance, and the travel destination, particularly if it is a densely populated urban area.

To keep the cost of rental expense low, check your own personal vehicle insurance and the insurance that your credit card offers when you use the card for a rental purchase. Sometimes the coverage the rental company offers is a secondary coverage and only kicks in after the coverage of your own personal policy reaches its limit. It is important to check to see if that is a condition of the rental insurance policy. There could possibly be a large number of exclusions and a high deductible, making the policy a poor investment.

If you do not have collision and comprehensive insurance and you are acquiring a rental car, you should purchase the Loss Damage Waivers (LDW) or Collision Damage Waivers (CDW,) whichever your rental company offers. It will protect you if the rental is vandalized or stolen.

When packing for your vacation or trip, pack a copy of your vehicle and credit card insurance. Take the insurance papers with you when you go to the rental car company so that there will be no issue concerning your coverage. You can then start your trip on the right foot by saving money and making sure that you and your family are protected.

Find The Cheapest Airline Tickets

First of all I like to recommend that, if at all possible, when planning your trip attempt to be flexible as to when you wish to go. It used to be that an airlines tickets for cheap flights were published at your local travel agency. You’d call up and order the tickets and then drive by and pick them up.

All of that may now be done from your house PC. Another strategy to use when on the lookout for an airlines tickets for cheap flights is to attend to buy your ticket till the last minute. Now granted, this methodology won’t work for everybody ; but if your schedule is flexible and you have some control over when you travel, why not let the clock run up till the last minute before buying your tickets.

Plenty of times airlines will be ready to let those seats go for a reduction cost. How you travel and when you travel is already in the hands of the traveling public. Take time and learn all the methods that you’ll find an airlines tickets for cheap flights to make the money you spend on travel go that much further. What does that imply to you as a traveler? It suggests that as you search the airlines for tickets you may be extraordinarily selective as to when you go and who you fly with. Here’s another tip that many folks do not know about.

If you called an airlines reservation desk and asked for cheap airfares info to a given town, you would be quoted a rate that won’t be the lowest you might find. Plenty of times you can find the cheap airfares are only offered online, because when booking your ticket online your not taking up staff time phone cost. If you have never done it before, explore the exciting options available to you when booking your next trip by doing your research on the web.

Find Good Travel Agents

Traveling to Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some people, while for others it is a regular occurrence due to having business or family ties in Japan. Either way, when traveling to Japan on business or for personal reasons you want your Japanese trip to be the best it can be.

Experienced world travelers know that finding a good travel agent to help you plan your trip is a smart way to ensure that it will be a success. No matter how many Japan guidebooks you have read or Japan tourist brochures you have flipped through, none of these valuable resources can keep up with the ongoing changes in the travel climate of Japan.

With thousands of travel agents to choose from, you will want to find just the right Japan travel agent for your trip. It is important to know which qualities and characteristics for look for as you plan your trip.

To help you choose wisely, here are 7 qualities and characteristics of good Japan travel agents to help you plan your upcoming trip:

1. Belongs to a good network of air carriers, tour operators and hotel partners:

Travel agents these days are connected and networked in a way that they could not have been before the age of the Internet. However, having a computer and an Internet connection are not sufficient qualifications for being a travel agent that can get the best deals. For starters, good agents belong to networks of airlines, tour operators and hotels that offer them (and their clients) the best rates.

2. Speaks both English and Japanese:

It is a huge benefit if your agent can fluently speak your own language, as well as Japanese. This way, they can handle your planning needs while staying in touch with their own network of operators in Japan on a daily basis.

3. Is knowledgeable about your travel insurance options:

You may or may not require travel insurance, but it is a good idea to find an agent who can offer you travel insurance coverage options and who can competently recommend a customized plan if asked.

4. Has offices in your home country and in Japan:

Many of the larger agent networks have offices internationally. Once you have actually arrived in Japan, it would be convenient if your travel agent’s company had offices in Japan that you could call for help or advice in a pinch.

5. Has personally used the services they recommend:

Travel agents who actually have been on the tours and use the carriers they recommend are the ones you can trust. They know from experience what they are talking about.

6. Regularly travels within Japan:

Your agent will be able to give you the best recommendations if he or she actually travels within Japan at least 2-3 times per year him or herself.

7. Keeps themselves up-to-date on the latest Japan travel trends:

Good travel agents specialize travel in certain parts of the world or certain countries. Rather than finding a jack-of-all-trades travel agent, find one who has the time to study, connect and stay up-to-date with what is going on in Japan.

Look for these 7 qualities and characteristics in a Japan travel agent. Be bold and ask the agents you interview their qualifications and background before agreeing to work with them.

Vacation Rental Ads

You’ve decided to rent a villa, cottage or cabin for a summer vacation. Where do you look for one that is going to give you the idyllic time you and your family need? How do you know that the description you read on a web site or in an advertisement is accurate, or really gives the information you need before you part with your money? Here are a few tips to help you read between the lines and understand what the owner or agency is really telling you about the property you are interested in.

Vacation homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are downright rustic, perhaps no more than a cabin to change in and sleep in at night, whilst others have more facilities and comforts than you have at home. Never forget though, that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and the place the owner has loved since childhood that holds a wealth of memories for him, might not match your dream of an idyllic vacation. And, bear in mind that although you would like to spend the majority of your vacation on the dock and in the water, sometimes the weather can be very unkind and you may need to move indoors to escape the elements.

So what should you look out for in an advertisement, or on a vacation rentals website:

o Descriptions that seem unnecessarily vague – this lets the owner or agency off any accusation of misrepresentation

o Smoking permitted – means the owners smoke and the place will probably have the all-pervading odor of stale tobacco, particularly the beds.

o Pets welcome – the owners probably have dogs, so will every renter in the summer, so to feel at home, you’ll at least need a Shitzu, if not a brace of Golden Retrievers.

o Use of expressions such as: ‘Traditional cottage furnishings’ – usually means green and yellow furniture previously enjoyed by a decade of domestic pets and the occasional rodent, orange threadbare carpet sporting a range of unidentifiable stains, and beds that would not have been out of place in a Victorian workhouse.

o ‘Rustic’ – as above but with little or no inside plumbing

o ‘Short walk to the beach’ – probably indicates you will need to take your hiking boots, and a bell to ward off bears along the way.

o ‘The waterfront is a ‘bit’ weedy’ – there is no waterfront, at least there may be some in the far distance after you navigate the marsh in your canoe.

This is probably a bit unfair – I too would tell my guests if there was a little weed at the waterfront, or if the beach was not right off the deck. However, be aware that vacation homes may not be all they seem from a web advert, or from a description given to you over the phone.

The best way of satisfying yourself that you are really getting what your family wants is to get a testimonial from a previous renter, so ask the owner or agent where you can see these. If the place is as good as it is advertised, they will not have a problem with sharing that with you.

Discount Travel Tips

Among the most unforgettable activities an entire family can enjoy together, with the added benefit of creating stronger bonds, is to go on a family vacation. Most families find that they have to put off this kind of adventure until they can save or find the money to pay for it. One way to get around this restriction is to research discount travel options; and, believe me, these are plentiful once you know what you are doing.

Here are two easy ways for a family on a budget to be sure they can always enjoy a yearly vacation together. First, scour the internet, or talk to their neighborhood travel agent to whom you’ve conveyed your requirements, to find the available discount travel deals which are being offered at prices that are significantly less than retail. The second option is, set up a vacation budget into which you save enough money for your family vacation throughout the year.

Nowadays, with the advent of the internet, it is easier than you can imagine to find those great deals for memorable family travel. In the last few years, with the help of the internet, families can now choose destinations, compare prices easily using the many travel services’ search engines, and realize savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their travel expenses. For any one looking for memorable, discounted travel opportunities, the internet is the place to look, period.

As discussed above, setting up a voluntary travel budget is highly recommended, particularly if you’re interested in discount travel deals. By budgeting, you can effectively plan, organize and, with assurance and predictability, control your bottom line, making it easier to save up for the things which are most important to you and your family. You can, for example, set up a travel budget designed specifically for making your annual family vacation a reality. Depending on your finances, you can set aside as little as $20 a week, or whatever other amount you are comfortable with, in order to have enough money at the end of the year to cover all the expenses for your family vacation

Creating a travel budget, in the manner described, is essential if you want to always have enough money available for that, all important, family vacation. By sticking to your budget, you develop the kind of discipline that can allow you to save for any of the things you and your family would like to do most, including, but not limited to, your family vacations.

Cheap Travel

With the price of air travel rising so fast it’s even more important now than ever to be able to search for and find dirt cheap airline tickets. By doing some easy homework you can save yourself hundreds of dollars each and every time you fly.

There’s little difference between experienced world travelers and occasional holiday seekers when it comes to saving money. Both groups want to travel as cheaply as possible and honestly your vacation or holiday will be much more enjoyable if you put more money in your own pocket by saving on the airfare.

Maybe you don’t really worry about the cost of your air tickets when you travel, but who among us doesn’t like to find a bargain and save cash. Personally I would rather keep the money in my bank account as opposed to handing it over to the airlines.

If you want to find ways to save on your airfare you’ll be glad to know that these days it’s easy to find dirt cheap airline tickets for most destinations with just a little bit of research online. If you’re a regular traveler these cheap tickets could add up to substantial savings over the year. Even if you’re just looking for tickets for one trip you’ll be glad to have more money to spend once you reach your destination. By learning how and where to find dirt cheap tickets we all win!

One thing you can do to get cheap ticket prices is to keep track of the prices to see what the trends are. You can do this through Farecast for U.S. flights. There are almost always certain days of the week that are cheaper to fly than others and with a bit of flexibility you can take advantage of this.

Another way to find bargain tickets is to subscribe to travel agency and airline newsletters. In some cases they will release special fares only for their newsletter subscribers. You can also call the airlines directly to see if they have unpublished special fares.

If you can tap into the knowledge of any frequent and experienced travelers you can usually get some good tips on how to get cheap airline tickets as well. These folks often learn their own special tricks for getting bargains.

When booking your flight don’t be afraid to ask about the lowest possible fares or any specials, you may be surprised. Also consider package deals that include both airfare and hotels as these packages can sometimes offer a substantial savings. In some cases your airfare will be almost free with a package deal, especially in tourist areas that are suffering lack of visitors.

There are many ways for finding dirt cheap airline tickets and the above highlight just some of them. In most cases you should be able to save a pretty substantial amount of money by doing a little bit of extra work.

A Walk Through Winter Park

Just a few minutes north of downtown Orlando awaits Winter Park, a charming picturesque suburb steeped in history. After my excursion on the Scenic Boat Tour, my local expert Wanda Salerno took me on a little walk through town past beautiful historic neighbourhoods.

With is origins as a citrus growing region, Winter Park became a major destination for wealthy northerners during the early 1900s, who came into town by train to reach their elegant winter retreats, seeking shelter from the cold winters of the north. Elegant mansions and and stately old oak trees draped with Spanish moss bear witness to this historic era.

Wanda then took me through some of Winter Park’s hidden courtyards, which are filled with specialty retail stores and galleries. Winter Park features a large variety of galleries and I had a chance to sample three of them, all of which carried vastly different artwork:

– Scott Laurent Collections

– Native Visions Gallery

– Timothy’s

Our walk took us out on to Winter Park’s main street, Park Avenue, which houses 10 blocks of specialty retailers, galleries and eclectic restaurants. Park Avenue is flanked on its west side by Central Park which offers a welcome sanctuary of relaxation with its graceful fountain, walking paths and shaded benches.

We then went on to explore Casa Feliz (“Happy House” in Spanish), the signature residential work of renowned architect James Gamble Rogers II.

In 1932 Robert Bruce Barbour, a chemical engineer from Massachusetts, commissioned Rogers to design a home on Lake Osceola, which turned out to be the Andalusian-style masonry farmhouse that we see today. This home was not only cherished by Barbour, but by the community as well. Throughout its history, it has hosted garden club tours, symphony orchestra concerts, poetry social meetings and a dinner for author Sinclair Lewis.

In 2001, in order to prevent the house from demolition, Casa Feliz was moved across Interlachen Avenue to its present location on Park Avenue. This move was one of the most dramatic events in Winter Park’s history. Casa Feliz was transported on 20 pneumatically levelled dollies, and an elaborate pulley system moved the house about 75 feet per hour. After the house was in position at its new location, skilled craftsmen worked on restoring it to its original 1933 condition. A special landscape design was commissioned to reflect the style of the era.

Today, Casa Feliz is available to rent for weddings, parties, business meetings and events. Its unique features provide the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable event.

As a centre of local culture, Winter Park also features three well-known museums:

– the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American art, which holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany, including Tiffany’s 1893 Chapel. The museum also features paintings, furniture and other works primarily from the late 19th and 20th centuries.

– the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden: 3 acres of gardens, featuring sculptures and painters by Albin Polasek. The museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

– the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, which focuses on western world art of the 20th century and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and other art from America and Europe. This museum is located at Rollins College, one of the top rated liberal arts colleges in the country.

The Winter Park Historical Museum examines various historic time periods, interchanging exhibits and rotating displays highlight some of the changes that have occurred in central Florida.

While I explored the town my husband actually played a round of golf at the 9-hole Winter Park Country Club, which is nestled beautifully inside Winter Park’s historic neighbourhood. The WPCC is the second oldest golf club in the Central Florida area and makes its way through the downtown Winter Park area and provides a challenge to even the most experienced golfer. He enjoyed his outing, and a cost of $12, it was an extremely affordable outing on a well-maintained golf course.

We capped off our excursion with an enjoyable dinner at a restaurant called 310 Park Avenue, right on Winter Park’s main strip. While a good portion of the Orlando area is very new, Winter Park is a welcome oasis of history and ambience that is perfect for a day of exploring.

For more information on Winter Park contact the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce,

Sport Fishing Boats

Chart Sport Fishing are a fabulous choice for sport fishing trips as well as fishing cruise trips, alongside the ranks of all other sport fishing enthusiasts. You will find a range of options available at Coastal Companies, Deep Sea Sportfishing Charter Boats and trips for a charter fishing boat, from the west coasts right through to the southernmost states.

Charter Opportunities in Sport Fishing Boat That Are Popular

There are many Sport Fishing Boat Charter Opportunities to be found from Louisiana through to the most southern point of Florida, all over the U.S. There are many Charter boat companies that are popular in the south from cruise ships to luxury liners and here are some:

. Action Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale . Captain Charlie’s Fish Tales Charters in Port. St. Lucie . Captain Rons Charters of Louisiana . Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters in Chuluota . Paradise Outfitters of Louisiana . West Coast FLA Snooking in Dunedin, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is home to the Action Sportfishing company which is open to amateurs and professionals to sail out and explore the waters of Florida. The main areas for exploring are Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Everglades, Hollywood and Miami. In the large boats here the sportfishing includes activities in the deep sea, light tackle, as well as offshore and inshore explorations of the saltwater.

Port St. Lucie of Florida is the base for Captain Charlie’s Fish Tale Charters. You can fish upon an 18′ Key West Stealth flat boat, popular with sportfishing enthusiasts, with styles of fishing species that include redfish, snook, tarpon and trout. You will travel in the waters of Port St. Lucie and the South Indian River in Florida.

South East of Florida and the South West region of Louisiana have had the services of Captain Rons Charters for more than 30 years. You will find the best available fishing locations on the Gulf of Mexico where you find marshy areas and where there is wild life. Cobia, King Mackerel, Redfish Snapper and the Speckled Trout are some of the fish choices that are popular. This area is also a prime location for Trigger fish, with Captain Rons charter fishing boats out on the seas all week.

Sidell, Louisiana is host to the premier choice in salt-water fishing coastal and inland with Louisiana Fishing Adventures. The boat operators are coast guard officers that are retired, so no matter what skill level you are at they can offer an excursion that is valuable in your learning or for improving your technique. To get a complete experience, the tour provides safetey equipment and tackle, all in the comfort of the luxurious 24′ Sea Pro Bay Boat.

Mosquito Coast, Paradise Outfitters, and West Coast FLA are the other options worth checking out to take you to the territories of Louisiana and Southern Florida.

Florida Keys – Charter Boats for Sportfishing

The Florida Keys is another destination popular for sportfishing. You will find many competitions, events and tournaments that are exciting and full of fun for you to enjoy. Check out the tropical waters for charter sport fishing boat Key West tournaments where you can use the Sea-Clusion’s – a Bertram 46′ Sport Fisherman boat. You will find luxurious features like cellular telephones, a full galley, large fish boxes and private restrooms.

Capsule Wardrobe For Weekend Break

Are you the friend who turns up for a weekend trip with more luggage than everyone else put together? Or maybe you are the one who takes just the clothes on your back? The key to ensuring you have just what you need for a weekend trip and at the same time, that you can still carry your overnight bag, is a little meticulous planning.

First of all, think about where you are going! It might sounds like a daft comment, but so many don’t consider their destination, weather forecast and possible activities. This results in not having the right combination of clothing with you. So, is it a city break? Are you planning on sight seeing, walking? How many times will you be going out for dinner where you need to be dressed smart and so on? OK, here goes; I’m going to give you some advice on how to pack for a long weekend city break, Friday to Sunday.

For your outward bound travel, wear something comfortable. A pair of jeans, a comfortable light weight sweater, a light weight smart casual coat and soft shoes/boots. Even if you are going somewhere warm, it may get chilly in the evening or on the plane, so make sure you take a light weight coat, sweater or pashmina. Let’s assume that on the Friday night you will go out for dinner.

So, you need also to have packed a pair of smart trousers in one of your neutral colours and a smarter pair of shoes/boots. For your top, you can pack a top or if you have one, a dress which could be worn over trousers (this will also double up later as a stand-alone dress).

Jewelery is small and easy to pack, so you could take a coupe of necklaces in your accent colours, wearing on your journey and alternating them during your stay. Jewelery will change the tone of an outfit so easily. Don’t forget your sunglasses! And if you have long hair, a head band or hair accessory to tie your hair back is always a good idea.

For being out and about sightseeing on Saturday, you will need the jeans you traveled in. Make sure you’ve aired them! Team these with the soft shoes/boots you traveled in – clean socks of course – and a comfortable top and sweater/jacket.

If you intend to clothes shop on your trip remember the size of your bag – jewelery and scarves are some of the best items you can purchase as they are small and easy to take home.

For Saturday night dinner, you may have decided to go somewhere special which requires a smarter dress code. How about taking that dress you teamed with trousers the other night and popping that on with one of your necklaces and a smart pair of shoes. The coat you traveled in should sit well with this dress. If you have room, you could also take a small clutch bag which is a better bag option than your larger handbag, for an evening out to dinner.

For traveling home, you could wear the Friday evening trousers or your jeans (although these have had 2 days on you already and are no doubt ready for the wash!). These are all the clothes you need .

If you feel that your wardrobe doesn’t allow you this easy capsule selection, then why not think about visiting your local Image Consultant who will advise you on your best neutral and accent colours. Once you know these, packing for any trip becomes a doddle!