Save On Airfare Secrets Review

Save on Airfare Secrets is an e-book that describes how to save money on airfare. The story behind the book is that the author was formally a hardworking airline agent at a major airline corporation. He states that he was unjustly fired from his position one morning.

As a result, he released this e-book about all of the airline secrets in order to get revenge on his boss. The story behind the e-book makes you kind of wonder whether the story is true or just a marketing ploy to sell the book.

Needless to say, I was pretty skeptical to purchase the book because of this and because the information seemed too good to be true. However, as I began to read his website my curiosity began to grow.

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased the e-book. I figured that if it was just a bunch of hype then I would just take advantage of the money back guarantee and get a refund.

After reading through the book I can truly say that the information inside is excellent and well worth the money. In fact, I am surprised that he does not charge a higher price for the information that he reveals inside.

There are basically four sections in the e-book that progress from the Basic Tricks to the Top Secret Tricks.

I found that I knew some of the basic tricks and was unaware of most of the other techniques in the other 3 sections.


Save on Airfare Secrets gets right to the point in the book. In some other e-books I am sometimes rather annoyed by the wordy writing meant to fill space in the e-book before really getting into the meat of the information.

You will not find that here. The first section gives you the format of the book. Then it dives right into the techniques.

The best aspect about this e-book is the quality of information. The information is top notch. I put the techniques to a test to see how much I would save on my yearly travels. I found that I could save 30-40% per year. For me that comes out to a couple of hundred dollars per year.

One of the secrets alone in the e-book is worth the price many times over. I could have spent $100 on this information and would have felt justified in my purchase.


Although, the guide is very good there are some negatives associated with it.

One of the tricks in the book that the author points out on his website is how one of his customers when he was working at the airline company bought a $1143 ticket for $143.

He goes on to explain in the e-book that this results from a computer malfunction that happens maybe 2 or 3 times per month. So considering the amount of people buying tickets your chances of this happening are very slim.

In the book there are also tricks that will not apply to everyone. You may need to be in a certain age group or have a certain occupation to take advantage of the discounted ticket.

Also be aware that some of the techniques, mainly in the Basic Tricks section, you may already be familiar with.


Overall, Save on Airfare Secrets is a bargain considering the value of the information that the author presents. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives by a large margin. I would highly recommend it and will use many of the techniques in the e-book to save money for years to come.

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