Capsule Wardrobe For Weekend Break

Are you the friend who turns up for a weekend trip with more luggage than everyone else put together? Or maybe you are the one who takes just the clothes on your back? The key to ensuring you have just what you need for a weekend trip and at the same time, that you can still carry your overnight bag, is a little meticulous planning.

First of all, think about where you are going! It might sounds like a daft comment, but so many don’t consider their destination, weather forecast and possible activities. This results in not having the right combination of clothing with you. So, is it a city break? Are you planning on sight seeing, walking? How many times will you be going out for dinner where you need to be dressed smart and so on? OK, here goes; I’m going to give you some advice on how to pack for a long weekend city break, Friday to Sunday.

For your outward bound travel, wear something comfortable. A pair of jeans, a comfortable light weight sweater, a light weight smart casual coat and soft shoes/boots. Even if you are going somewhere warm, it may get chilly in the evening or on the plane, so make sure you take a light weight coat, sweater or pashmina. Let’s assume that on the Friday night you will go out for dinner.

So, you need also to have packed a pair of smart trousers in one of your neutral colours and a smarter pair of shoes/boots. For your top, you can pack a top or if you have one, a dress which could be worn over trousers (this will also double up later as a stand-alone dress).

Jewelery is small and easy to pack, so you could take a coupe of necklaces in your accent colours, wearing on your journey and alternating them during your stay. Jewelery will change the tone of an outfit so easily. Don’t forget your sunglasses! And if you have long hair, a head band or hair accessory to tie your hair back is always a good idea.

For being out and about sightseeing on Saturday, you will need the jeans you traveled in. Make sure you’ve aired them! Team these with the soft shoes/boots you traveled in – clean socks of course – and a comfortable top and sweater/jacket.

If you intend to clothes shop on your trip remember the size of your bag – jewelery and scarves are some of the best items you can purchase as they are small and easy to take home.

For Saturday night dinner, you may have decided to go somewhere special which requires a smarter dress code. How about taking that dress you teamed with trousers the other night and popping that on with one of your necklaces and a smart pair of shoes. The coat you traveled in should sit well with this dress. If you have room, you could also take a small clutch bag which is a better bag option than your larger handbag, for an evening out to dinner.

For traveling home, you could wear the Friday evening trousers or your jeans (although these have had 2 days on you already and are no doubt ready for the wash!). These are all the clothes you need .

If you feel that your wardrobe doesn’t allow you this easy capsule selection, then why not think about visiting your local Image Consultant who will advise you on your best neutral and accent colours. Once you know these, packing for any trip becomes a doddle!